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The Comic Sketch (2:56)

We Are Slaves (3:05)

One Damn Thing (2:08)





aka "the blue album"

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192K quality mp3s:

1. Huckson '78
2. Yum Scum
3. Just Can't Watch
4. Sun (Bright)
5. Silence In The House
6. Clam-Faced Digga
7. O.P.A.
8. Go Bye Bye
9. What The Monster Ate!
10. It's Over Quickly (Can We Give Up?)
11. Sexcellent
12. Robobot
13. Men Have Become Tools Of Their Tools
14. Will Boogie For Tripe
15. Two Minus One
17. Busenfrei

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Older Albums...

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[wow signal]

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1. Snake Power
2. Ambulance Ride
3. The Sleepinator
4. Virtual Dead Cop
5. The Future of Snow
6. Fantastic Belief System
7. Spacemen at the Mall
8. Two Lane Blacktop
9. Background Check (Four More Years)
10. The Wretched Waterways of Eastern Washington County
11. An Inch And A Half
12. Should Have Sent a Poet

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Boy Band

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1. Reuptake Inhibitor
2. Return Address (The Mayor Song)
3. The Obedient Consumer, part 1: I'm Going Shopping
4. The Obedient Consumer, part 2: I Have Shite for Brains
5. Please No Dead Friends
6. Sometimes a Sneeze Can Feel As Good As Sex
7. Non-Fiction
8. Fred Theopolis on Camelback in the Future
9. It's All Arranged
10. I Shot Your Mouth Off (It's Talk Time)
11. Breath Mint
12. The Drags
13. The Human and the Shaved Cat

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Let's Go To Your Place

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1. Mr. Muster (I.The Campus Visit, II.The Tantrum)
2. A "Sit Down"
3. S.N.I.P.S.
4. Dewey, Do We?
5. Futureman
6. Lava Flavored Noose
7. Pennsylvania's Best Crank
8. Let's Go To Your Place
9. Paper Cups
10. I Am The Satan
11. Good Today
12. Bedtime for the Ugly Monkey

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1. Yet
2. Where Do The Rich People Live?
3. Kentucky Fried Mind Control
4. 15 - 20%
5. Tony Discovers Isopentyl Acetate
6. Stream
7. Andrew Stone (in Freak-O-Scope)
8. The Failure Song
9. Cultivated
10. Sunny Days (Here's To Them!)
11. Brian's Last Day on Earth

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Donner Party Animal

1. Grover's Mill, NJ
2. Baby Man, Baby Man
3. Do You Wanna Lick My Brain?
4. Mobile Home (Interior)

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